Information about Tyrenascragh parish

Information from O'Donovan's Field Name Books

Standard Name:
Tyrenascragh parish
Irish Form of Name:
Tir an Eascrach
land of the ridge
Civil Parish:
Other Forms of the Name with authority source (if provided) in italics:
Tyrenascragh parish
Tir an Eascrach
Barony of Longford [Unable to read.] [Unable to read.] 12
Parish of Tyrenascragh Boundary Sketch
Tirenaskeragh Inq. Temp. Car. I
About the 1/10 of this parish is bog. The remaining except some small patches of furze and shrubbery is arable. The road from Portumna to Eyrecourt passes from N. to South through the centre of it and is partly bounded in the West by the road from Killimor to Eyrecourt. It is a [Unable to read.] intersected by several lanes and bye roads. It contains two Demesnes with a gentleman's seat in each, a holy well called St. Patrick's. The ancient ruins of Longford Castle, a grave yard with the ruins of a Church, a school, a police station, a Roman Catholic Church, a new Danish Fort, a village called Ballinlugg. Several farm houses and gardens.
Bounded N. by the parish of Fahy, W. by the parish of Kilquanin[Unable to read.] or Quansborough, S. by the parish of Kilmallinogue and E. by the River Shannon.
Information from the Ordnance Survey Letters:
The Ordnance Survey Letters are letters between John O'Donovan and his supervisor, Thomas Larcom, regarding the work of compiling the Field Books. These letters provide further discussion on many of the places listed in the Field Books.
References to this place can be found in the following letter.
  • Volume 2 page 47 to page 51